Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And on this day....

 Poor Brayden...

Ice Skating....or not.

OOOOH..Samantha! Had to hurt !
But not Mary Elizabeth! Oh no,shes got it ALL under control.. ( the little princess!)
Note; that crate that shes so beautifully and articulately posing on...
Yeah,shes supposed to be pushing it around the ice ;) 

Whats been going on?

So much has been going on this past month!! Aaaahh!! I think my head is still spinning,okay,so heres the downlow on the downloads ( hehe) ..The little kiddies were enjoying their Thanksgiving break and crafts..shown here <--- ..Even sweet little Lola Bear ^  However two days later sweet little Lola Bear got really sick !!  :( :( then it sent our little break in a sorrowful down spin ,lots of little sad faces and scary moments! But 6 days  and a HUGE vet bill later our Lola came home !!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The pitter patter of little feet


           What an unusual picture, I know! But this,this is what I get. Sitting at my desk trying to do a hundred
million things,in my small 20 minute lunch break that I have when I can quietly sneak upstairs. But like clockwork the minute I sit down ready to fiercely attack my to do list here they come one by one back into the schoolroom! Im like..wha ha ha uttt! I just left them downstairs everyone content with sandwich and Waltons! So now,though ,here they stand, right on top of my to do list ! So why one might ask, are they standing on top of my desk ? Well they were looking for a book. But I think they were looking to drive me nuts. I just keep telling myself ,what drives me nuts today,will be greatly missed ....one day. 
Today however,was not that day .  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So whose recipe is it anyway?

Being a momma of five you have to be creative when trying to keep the little ones busy while working with the older ones. But lately,It seems all the rabbits up my momma sleeve have all gone into hiding!But today however I learned that sometimes you have to change the "recipe" up a bit,you don't always need new recipes just make changes to the one you already have!  For example just because the directions on the little ones page says color the picture,who says you can't color,cut it up and  AND paste it back together on construction paper! See I am homeschool  savvy! I can keep those little boogers busy on the their little table right beside my desk by getting them to glue all sorts of things that we borrow and copy from my kindergartners activity books!There are mornings that I do still scour the internet and Pinterest for free print outs for preschoolers and find some really great things,and when I come across things we've  already done,we just redo them in a different way! I mean I have to apply this concept in my kitchen(my husband grew up on cornbread and hot sauce!) ,so why not in my homeschool!I apply this to my older ones as well ,change something if it doesnt work for you,add something if its missing,. I came across a really great recipe for chicken tortilla soup over the weekend I followed it just as the recipe called,corn tortillas and all! Now,knowing ,I really don't like corn tortillas,I just had to be follow-along Fannie , I used them instead of changing it to flour tortillas... yeah,next time...flour tortillas ! Remember you don't always have to be the blue,orange,green,or red crayon in the crayon box,you can be the summer sky orange,or the twinkling tiptoe blue ;)                                                  

So this is the paper we swiped
kindly borrowed from my kindergartner,
does she not just have such neat handwriting !
and some mad cursive skilz..and to think
my family was worried she would't learn..ha!
Okay,back to the recipe,it calls for just coloring..that is so boring !

So to keep thing 1 and thing 2 busy while the tween and I battled out History,
I changed the recipe ;)