Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And on this day....

 Poor Brayden...

Ice Skating....or not.

OOOOH..Samantha! Had to hurt !
But not Mary Elizabeth! Oh no,shes got it ALL under control.. ( the little princess!)
Note; that crate that shes so beautifully and articulately posing on...
Yeah,shes supposed to be pushing it around the ice ;) 

Whats been going on?

So much has been going on this past month!! Aaaahh!! I think my head is still spinning,okay,so heres the downlow on the downloads ( hehe) ..The little kiddies were enjoying their Thanksgiving break and crafts..shown here <--- ..Even sweet little Lola Bear ^  However two days later sweet little Lola Bear got really sick !!  :( :( then it sent our little break in a sorrowful down spin ,lots of little sad faces and scary moments! But 6 days  and a HUGE vet bill later our Lola came home !!!