About the 'Momma"

I am a wife, and a momma to five children,yes,thats right,five,the youngest being paternal twins (ages 3) ! As a  family we crossed over from private school to homeschool . This wasn't easy ! But I answered Gods call ! Instead of pursuing a career in photography ,this is what God put on the table for me,and I chose , and you know what ?  Im okay with that , I'm really okay with it .

I never   thought I would ever be a homeschoolin momma !! I was not the most studious student ! I gave my parents heart failure all throughout my private school career ! To me school was more a social occasion , and I was there to make an appearance . But that was my way of hiding my frustrations . I had a hard time paying attention and understanding what was being taught . I would get lost somewhere in the texts and pages of my textbooks . No matter how hard I tried I always felt like a failure because I simply  didnt understand .
When God called me to take part in this journey , I was like " really ? " are you serious? But through His grace and mercy He has paved the way for me with every step,and opened doors , and... even shut some .
I envite you to take part in my journey as I claim NOT  to be an expert at all or even the most seasoned ,I am new and fresh to this and trying to figure it out daily !!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I saw your link on the FB home school comments, so I came on over to see ya! I also have 5 kiddos. My oldest is 7 and he is the main one being "schooled". The others are 5, 2 1/2 twins, & a 14 month old...all boys. Life is....great! I have been wanting to look into notebooking/lapbooking, so your post is great. Thank you.

    1. Hi Christy ! Thanks for stopping by ! I cannot tell you how much lapbooking has saved us ! I found myself doing the same things I was taking my children out of school for ! I let a curriculum pressure us , and they really weren't learning the way I wanted them to ! You can go down so many different tunnels and rabbit holes looking at different curriculums, and then lapbooking leads you down many more ! I had to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead me to the right one and HE did !! So right now we are using Hands Of a Child , it is downloaded to your computer and is very very affordable ! I am doing it with my 2nd and 6th grader ,which was important to me . It comes with everything you need curriculum guide and all the activities !
      Good luck to you in whatever you choose!

  2. So how do you decide what packets to get? Do you have a master list of suggestions and what order to go in, or do you just pick one for each subject? I am so overwhelmed with trying to figure out what path to go down. I don't want to spend hundreds. I know what you said is true, ask & you shall receive, the Holy Spirit is here to guide us. I just hope I don't get in the way! Thanks for the info & I am curious as to how your family does this. It is very appealing to me.

  3. The day It all started coming together for me I was doing geography with my 12 yr old .We were still using the "old" curriculum , and we were reading , ( because really , thats all we were doing, reading) about mountains , and they just kind of skimmed through it throwing out words that my daughter and I was like ...what ? So we spent the rest of the day on google actually learning about mountains . So I knew when I was looking for a lapbook curriculum that was centered around mountains . My suggestion to you , because your boys are still quite young , you can go through HOAC( hands of a child ) one subject at a time . I also recommend for math doing something like IXL math or teaching textbooks . And believe me , I did get in the way of what the Holy Spirit was trying to do in our family , but it was ALL part of the learning process , we only grow because we learn !