I was 19, and had NO idea ,of where I was going in life,or what I was going to do . Until...I found a camera in my mothers closet,it was a Yashica,and it looked like it should belong in a museum of sorts!And so my Journey started from there!So just a  few   many , many  years later I am still so lovin' it! I have a business hobby of taking pictures for friends and family. Each time I try to make a business out of it,I loose the joy and the whole reason why I fell in love with it the first place...don't want to do that ;) So until I feel  God opens the door,I 'm gonna just 'love' it :)

The best part of what I do? This! Being there,capturing all these celebrated moments,these things that mark our lives ,and I get to not only be there for them,but be a part of them!
Becca turning one ! This little peach is one
special little girl !

                                                     My beautiful sister in law !

My !! what a handsome cowboy !

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