Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our 2013-2014 Curriculum line up ... no drumroll needed , please , I have two 4yr olds for that .

Starting from the bottom 

Heart of Dakota
Language arts through Literature
Teaching Textbooks Math 
Harcourt Math
Mystery of History 
Pace Language 
Answers in Genesis Bible
Answers in Genesis Science 

School Necessities
Plenty of ink , kinda holdin' out for that laser jet ;)

Computer paper

Lots of binders and folders


Glue ,lots and lots of Glue 

Crayons , we really just need to learn how to make  
                 these at home . 

Contact paper , we contact paper almost all  
                  worksheets for the littles.

And so with that goes , crayola dry erase markers . 

Construction paper , the littles love cutting and
 gluing all their color sheets to construction paper , I guess it's kinda like their own way of framing their masterpieces .  
Card stock     we lapbook , that all I'm gonna say for the fellow lapbookers 

File Folders       refer to the above

Colored Sharpies        

Colored pencils 


Paint a dots  my new discovery !! a preschool must ! hint ..I bought mine at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% discount , those little buggers are expensive !

 Ink Oh wait ...did I already say that ??

And I know that as this year goes on this list will grow increasingly longer and more things will be added..weekly . Well, daily . Probably . But For now this shall do !
Homeschool On !!

Relax , God's got this

What the momma  learned today ? Well , I think it's something we all know but are so darned afraid of it . A relaxed mom = relaxed kiddos . Uptight mom = frustrated kiddos . Now evverybody smile and take a deep breath :)