Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When God cleans house

A month and a half ago God came over , and  gently placed me to the side and got busy at work . After Thanksgiving last year I got sick. and then I stayed sick. Then 4 weeks ago I had a hysterectomy (yes!! I said the big "H" word..shh) . So now I'm finally getting back into the swing of things,just a little bit slower. But I think that was God had intended the whole time!Man! We get so tied up and tangled up into the stresses and pressures of homeschooling and our children that our joy just gets robbed!!And I knew it was happening,I was well aware,but just like being on a fast train,you can't always just jump right off,that train is moving waaay too fast;until,God comes in and stops it for you.
So what have I fought learned ? hmm,not to yell at my kids if they aren't exactly the way I think they should be,and not to yell at my house if it's not exactly the way it should be either! I mean I love Pinterest,but my house should not look like one of those rooms on there...all the time.. I mean,I have kids!! Five of them !! And a dog,and a cat,and chickens..Yes,I tend to work better in a clean, neat environment but Better Homes and Gardens is NOT coming over at any minute to take a cover photo of my house.
I have learned to slow down with my kids,to sit down with book with them,to enjoy them. I used to start out in the mornings like a drill sergeant ,you know " Get up!!!make your bed!!!brush your teeth!!brush your hair!!unload dishes!!hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry !!!" Now I'm trying not to be ran by the little numbers on that clock,I do believe children should learn to be up by a certain time,that teaches them responsibility for when they are ready to leave home. But by the time I was done spitting out orders and we would all sit down at our desks or tables I was so worn out from all the hollering ;I came to the table empty,wore out,stressed out and joy'd out! This was not God's plan for us,or me.But on those days I was too sick to get out of bed ,too sick to fix meals,clean the house,and to to be able to take care of my children I realized that it was a blessing to be able to do those things and I had taken them for granted . When I wake up each morning I'm still a little slow,so there's no hurrying around here,it gives me time to remember the joy of having my children here with me,and in return they have joy of being with their momma again,and they too are grateful for all the things I did for them that they took for granted as well.They have been more helpful,which is always an automatic "A" in my gradebook :)
When God comes in and cleans house,it's not always a cup of tea,but in the end,theres nothing sweeter !