Thursday, June 13, 2013

I was attacked by a bird. Yes , I was , I have now told the world . But this , this is my life , I thinlk I'm quite entertaining to my creator ! It all started when I was loading up my big crew to go to the store early that morning , and after unsuccessfully chasing our new baby hens out of my garage , frizzled and frazzled ( me ) through a tantrum , quick tantrum , I mean just a real quick one about farm life and how it was really starting  to cramp my style . Then out of no where and all out of sudden like my son starts taking off out through the pasture where an  unruly horse resides and that my dog Lola , a Shetland Sheepdog full of heart somehow is completely drawn to this huge animal , so much so that she tears off at it, irritating it to no end with her ear aching barking !!And my son , my darling boy was so compelled at the sight of this horse who was now laying on the ground , he was overcome with wrought , and fear because he thought that Lola had killed the horse by her barking . And in his desperate hour to save this horse , who by the way was NOT dead , used his lungs in no way that a 9 yr old boy at 8:00 in the morning should ! Yes neighbors next door , across the bayou and through thew woods you are so very welcome by that alarm clock. So after calming my son down , reassuring him that this horse was not dead and Lola didnt kill him ," so please stop yelling  , please for the love of God and hearing , stop yelling . " I go to get in my van , and before I could put my  other leg in and shut the door closing out all of the chaos that I was succumbed to , I hear this sweet little voice " momma look , its a baby bird !" And sure enough on the ground right under the tree where we had been watching this beautiful dove making a nest over the past weeks , and we would check on her daily . So taken by her we almost adopted her as a one of our pets ( just in case we didn't have enough ;)) . And now laying in the grass probably from the terrible storm we had the night before lay this sweet scared little baby bird. Okay now at this point in my mind I'm like " really? are you kidding me ?" what is it with animals this morning , okay ...ALL .The. Time. I don't know what it is about me and animals , because they drive me crazy they really do , they have the ability to drive my mind to places I'm afraid to admit. and yet there they are ! all around me , everyday , if there is a stray cat within 20 miles ...they WILL find me , especially the hurt or injured ones .  After our trip back from the store I got everyone seated and fed , and I proceeded out the door . had a washcloth , had a ladder and here I go , just get it done with do my part in saving the wildlife ,and there. Didn't quite go as planned . I had Joshua my cute little handsome helper all of the big boy age of 4 , hold the bird in a washcloth so I could climb on up and check things out . I could't really see in the nest , and then the thought hit me , " man I sure hope this is where this bird belongs " cause that would be weird , right . I mean your a momma all nice and cozy in your nest singing away to your new baby , and then theres this other baby bird that just like all the sudden appears and your all like hmm , I thought I just had one baby ..well, you get the picture .. But I fore went the task and so up , up I go holding this baby bird in the washcloth in ttempt to reunite mother with baby , and then ..I was eye to eye with this dove . The decision to start talking to the bird may not have been the most intelligent I'll admit , but between the talking and the sight of big hands and the colors of Lightning Mcqueen , we both went blind ! This sweet gentle soft delicate vision of  peace became Hell , REAL QUICK LIKE . I couldnt see anything ! My whole head was under attack , I was pecked , flapped and sqawled to death by a Dove ! I couldn't defend myself beacause I was holding with both hands a lightning Mcqueen washcloth which cradled her young , while I was 5 ft off the ground on a ladder ! All I could do was close my eyes and  scream dear God please Don't let me die ! , and if that wasn't the worst experience in my life ,  when the head attack was finally over she flew down to the carport and started having what I thought to be seizures ! And friends , I tell ya THAT scared me even more as my son and I both watched this tantrum mouths wide opened ( I know my precious little boy was already traumatized , i can't even imagine was going through that little head as he watched from below whilst his mum was being attacked by a bird ! )
Later my husband explained to me that they do this to appear injured and easy prey to predators , so that they wouldn't go after their young . That just broke my heart this creature thought that I  was going to hurt her babies and  so not only did she attack me  , she said ,  here come get me instead  !) She was offering her life for babies !  And then I was sad . That life can be so cruel at times and bad things can happen , but God instills a certain instinct in our nature,especially those of parents  , one that paints the most perfect picture of  His own . He paid the sacrifice for us to protect us from the power of all evil and satan . He said " here take ME  instead " That is the story of the cross , " Take me instead " " I'll lay down my life for  theirs "
So days went by and the little bird did just fine in the nest , all was good , but this morning my daughter informed the baby fell out again but this time didn't make it . But I told her we did all we could do , but sometimes these things happen . The mom may not have accepted the baby after it had been handled by human hands  , and thats the difference between nature and God , God will always accept us back no matter how strong  we may smell of sin , He will always love us , and when we cry out to Him He can't help but take us in .