Saturday, January 26, 2013

So , my last post was about how God comes in cleans things up in our homes and rearranges the structures of our family . Well, Hes still here , in fact He is going to stay here , and as a wife / mother / teacher I am making the commitment to make sure He stays here , and lives among us !!
Now , ever since I received the call to home school God was gracious enough to allow me to be introduced to a style of home schooling that is very popular among homeschooler s now a days teachers !!!!!!
This was the only way I would even agree to home schooling ! See, I'm not a teacher , I don't know how to be , I have a small learning disability , words on pages get all jumbled up in my head and get criss crossed ! But the Holy Spirit has been dealing with me and dealing with me about what my vision to home school was about in the first place !  That's right I , I , had a vision !!
The Holy Spirit started tugging at my heart ( while my children were still  in private school )  a deeper desire for my kids , I wanted them to love to learn , to really get things , and to learn a different way ....a deeper way .
I've been holding onto our current curriculum like a life preserver in an uncharted ocean , in the middle of a raging sea . The Holy Spirit has been impressing on me ...its time to let go . Okay , so I'm not naming any names , because I don't know how all that works , being new to blogging I don't want anyone pressing any charges on me for reasons I would need a lawyer to explain . I'm just going to say  " said video curriculum " I guess I thought just because I was educating my children at home that , that would make a difference , but truth be told , guess what didn't ! I was doing the exact thing that the school system was doing to them . Said video curriculum was written for a school system , not homeschoolers , they just made it available to home schoolers . OH .... ! When I heard this I realized what I had been doing . Video / computer based curriculums are great there are ones I really really like , but God is moving us in a different direction , a direction towards the vision I had in the first place . I don't want to feel like I have to keep up with "said curriculum program , or feel guilty when we've spent too much time on one thing . If we have to take two weeks to learn about the mountain ranges and make lapbooks and notebooks , sitting together , learning together , then I know they will have enjoyed what they have  learned !! This is my vision :)
So now I've exhausted so many resources , but I am announcing I am throwing " said video curriculum ) out and we will now begin a new journey following the vision God gave me in the first place .....Pray for me . This isn't going to be easy !

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