Friday, January 11, 2013

When all else ' fails ' ..believe..

I would have loved to have seen the look on some peoples faces when they heard I was becoming a homeschooling mamma  I admit..I was NOT an 'a' student, or a 'b' student,okay I never made the honor roll....EVER. I was that disheveled student.Yep! That was me!So many times my homework would be left at home with the company of my lunch....on the bar in my kitchen.The two of them saw more of each other than I of them in all of my 12 years of school. There is one teacher I remember ,one teacher of whom I thought at the time had allowed me to graduate only out of pity.You know ,sort of 'helped ' me to graduation. I really thought that he just didn't want to see me end up back in class the following year,sitting in a his classroom.....again. Just because I ..for the life of me,just could not get ,adjectives,adverbs,sentence dissection and so on and so forth..Looking back in retrospect ,you know,I think it was because he believed in me,beyond simple phrases,and verbs,beyond a grade,he saw me.
There are many homeschooling parents that have this belief that homeschooling is the  preferred method of education in Gods eyes .I however,do not believe this.I believe that there are some really really great God fearing teachers out there.And while our public schools and sadly even private schools may be morally corrupt ,I do not believe this to be so in the hearts of every teacher.Today who I am as a homeschooling mom/teacher has been greatly impacted by some of my teachers,whether it was my all so helpful English teacher of my senior year,or that elementary Librarian ... ooh boy was she something!!! Of whom almost 25 years later she still keeps in touch with her students!! Love that !! Every time I pick up a book to have story time with my children I somehow channel this great story teller that when she LISTENED!! Crossed legs,heads up ,mouths opened ,and eyes set a gaze a group of children sat ,half circle. I do not think there ever was a time she had to stop in the middle of a story to fuss at wrestles children no,we were part of an exciting escape that she so eloquently ushered us into,known as story time! When she read,she made Goldilocks and the Three Bears sound like the greatest adventure ever told! She,believed in her students.She,was involved with her students.She,cared. She looked beyond our grades or our struggles whether or not we were a 'a' student or not,but she saw our capabilities!
So,teachers,whether homeschooling parent,or school teacher,believe in your children. Chances are if your frustrated with them they are too. Be patient,look beyond the grade,and see the struggle that they are having.There are so many pressures on a homeschooling parent,and there are so many times I see the opportunity to get frustrated .But when I see my child struggling I remember not so long ago I was in their spot,and so I take the opportunity to encourage them.  Encourage your children,they are so much more than a grade,and what they mean to us and God far exceeds any grade that they can receive. Let us not label our kids by an 'a' or 'b' student. Because believe it or not children hate to disappoint anyone, especially, especially,their parents..
I am so glad my Heavenly Father believed in me,He believes in me even when I don't believe in myself. He loves me,He died for me,and because of that I can walk through failure with confidence! Because I fail. I fail every day,Im not an 'A' Christian. I'm a failing student with a whole lot of Grace that has graduated me to Glory!So now I'm a forgiven,loved and confident child of God!   

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